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Let me be your #1 cheerleader!

February 15th, 2021

I promised to tell you about my next steps in my Young Living journey. Sorry for the bunny trails last week! After using my products for a week, noticing improved sleep quality for myself and my dog, and having my massage clients love the addition of pleasing aromas in my treatment room, I decided to take them to my mom and get her feedback on the scents. My mom loved them! She caught me off-guard when she said she wanted to get a starter kit. I panicked! I did not know how to sign someone up. I was not an “expert” in essential oils, I was not ready to start the business side of YL and what if she asked me a question and I did not know the answer? I took a deep breath and dialed my upline. She reminded me that there was a link provided by the company and all my mom had to do was follow the link and pick her starter kit. The best part – by signing her up I was going to receive a $50 bonus! Maybe I was ready to start the business side of YL. I was excited to be able to go on this journey with my mom, we have always had a close relationship and enjoyed going on adventures together. I also could not wait to share with my mom everything that I discovered in my research.

This past week has been overall pretty good, as far as my self-care routine goes. My journaling practice has helped me to keep a positive outlook on life and reminded me to keep looking for the silver lining. This mental transition has reaffirmed the importance of a positive mindset. Change starts on the inside and with the decision that you are no longer going to stay stuck in your same situation, but you are going to make a positive change in your life. Guess what…you are worth it! You owe it to your future self, the successful person you will become, to take the first step. Ground yourself in positivity and set your focus on your goals. I will be your number one cheerleader on this journey of being the best version of yourself! Let me know how I can help.

This week I focused on slowing down, soaking in the moment and reminding myself that I did not have to be busy 24/7. I focused on just eating at meal-times, instead of multitasking. I concentrated all my energy on my clients during sessions. I was intentional in my very first Pilates class. I was consciously mindful in my work throughout the week. I noticed a difference in how I felt at the end of the week. I felt accomplished despite it being a slower than normal week for me. I feel like I took full advantage of my opportunities last week, despite obstacles. That is right my week was not perfect! I had plenty of chances to be flexible – appointments canceled at the last minute, inclement weather and a cardio class with a mask. I feel that I took many opportunities to extend grace but at the same time I know that I was the recipient of grace and patience. I am forever grateful for understanding clients, friends and family.

I am not a fan of cold weather, but the weather this past weekend and first part of this week is down-right brutal and dangerous. The bitter cold has reminded me how grateful I am for all the farmers, truckers, road crews and others who get us through these crazy weather events! I do not currently have livestock or pets and am grateful, because I know how difficult draining hoses, doing chores and walking dogs is in the bitter cold.

One of my goals is to eat healthier and to cook at home more often, instead of always eating out. My homemade chili, a variation of my mom’s recipe, is one of the healthiest meals that I cook and I have found one thing this weather is great for…Frito pies! Today, after work, I went to the grocery store to pick up items for chili and Frito pies. Making Frito pies brings back so many great memories from growing up. There was nothing better on a snow day, after playing in the snow or finishing outside chores, than coming inside and seeing my mom cooking chili and grating cheese! Just writing this is making my mouth water and taking me back to the kitchen I grew up in, with all the sights, sounds and smells that go along with those memories. Nostalgia can be so comforting in rough times and be exactly what you need to help you through. Comfort and reflection are a part of self-care; because they can help ground you and help you conquer the stressful situations in life. ~ Lacey

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