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Creating your Self-Care Plan

July 26th, 2022

The rain and cooler temperatures are such a welcome change to begin this week! Random question: Do y’all go through super creative phases? I’m talking about times when your brain is constantly finding solutions to problems you didn’t know existed, but now you have created a detailed plan and developed ways to get others on board as well. I’m only halfway through this process but I’m excited about the new possibilities! My one suggestion, if you are in this phase of your life, is to embrace it and enjoy the journey. As we finish our discussion on self-care, I will be encouraging you to develop your own self-care plan.

Have you checked out my self-care challenge yet? What about the list of self-care ideas on my website? I created these free tools for you to use to help you live your best life. The first steps to developing a self-care plan are recognizing the importance of self-care and discovering the areas where self-care is most needed and could be the most beneficial to your overall wellness. You may feel overwhelmed or spread too thin or stressed out due to daily life, therefore your self-care plan may focus on organization and delegating some responsibilities or saying no to some activities, to give yourself needed mental and physical rest. Once those steps are complete, it is time to develop a list of self-care ideas and figure out how to work them into your daily and/or weekly routines.

I realize I might be making this seem very simple, but please understand that I recognize it is a much more complex process, not simply an overnight change. Give yourself grace as self-discovery and introspection is rarely all rainbows and butterflies. I promise that if you stick with the process, create the plan and execute that plan, you will be able to enjoy your life more and be able to be present in it, not just going through the motions. Your self-care routine or lack of one has a direct impact on your physical and mental health. For example, high stress levels can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems as well as forgetfulness and brain fog.

Make sure to reach out to me if you would like help or further guidance in creating your self-care plan. This week’s Young Living product to highlight is Clarity essential oil blend. I love to use Clarity when I am learning a new massage technique, doing bookwork, or just dealing with brain fog. If you are interested in experiencing this blend or any of Young Living’s essential oils, contact me to schedule a time to meet.

Whether this is your first time reading my blog, or you are a loyal subscriber, Thank you! I am so glad you tuned in this week! Do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from this blog? Tell them to subscribe!

Have a blessed week y’all ~ Lacey

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