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My journey with “smelly oils”

Essential Oils? What is all of the hype? Is it all just hype or can essential oils actually be useful and impactful in your everyday life?

I will explore those questions and more as they relate to your overall health, wellness and quality of life.

This blog is a new way to share my life and all of the adventures along the way.

Essential oils were introduced to me by a massage client in the summer of 2017. At the time I was looking for a safe way to add relaxing “smells” to my massage room. Let me clarify: Candles were not an appealing option because I can be a bit forgetful and did not want an open flame in my massage room. Candle warmers were not a great alternative either because I felt the “smell” faded to quickly. Since the essential oils are used in a diffuser instead of with an open flame, they served as a potential solution. It was explained to me that the said company also had the opportunity to provide income.(I will touch on this point later.) At the time I was only interested in using them in my massage room to add to the overall relaxing environment and experience. I had no idea I was beginning on a life-changing journey!

After months, literally months, of research on all things essential oils, I decided to dive into the world of Young Living essential oils! In all my research, Young Living kept appearing as a company with unapparelled product quality and standards. I found out that they owned their own farms and controlled the product from the seed to the finished products you receive in your order. I was truly amazed by the care that was in every step of the process! I mean, who does this? There are less expensive ways to build a company, but I was impressed by Young Living’s commitment to quality of product over the ability to earn a bigger profit. I have come to appreciate the company’s standards and understand why their members/customers are extremely loyal. I count myself as both a loyal customer and a dedicated independent distributor!

I received my premium starter kit and continued researching the benefits of using essential oils. To be very honest, I was skeptical that these “smelly oils” could do anything more than make my house and office smell better. The first day I used my diffuser, I set it up in my living room after a long day at work. I was tired, both mentally and physically, and desperately hoping that I could convince my dog that a relaxing evening of zoning out in front of the TV was a great idea. Imagine my surprise, after running my diffuser only 10 minutes, that my dog was not only sleeping but loudly snoring! Part of me was intrigued as the part of me chalked it up to a mere coincidence. I decided to try it again the next evening, because let’s be honest, last night was a fluke and I was going to prove it. There had to be some other explanation for why my dog was so relaxed and the answer couldn’t be something as simple as essential oils, right? Once again I ran my diffuser and had the same results. These “smelly oils” were magical! I had more questions than answers now and even more questions than when I began researching, so it was back to the computer I went.

Young Living has more products than just essential oils!?! Cleaning products, toothpaste, soaps, supplements and so much more…

My mind was blown. Why had I never heard this before? Was I the only person who did not know about essential oils? I felt like the kid in high school that is always the last one to find out about the party!

I learned and am still learning that essential oils are mighty and useful in many different ways:

  1. as a cleaning product – I use the Thieves Household Cleaner

  2. as a flavor enhancer – I use the vitality line in my water and recipes

  3. as skin care – I use the Bloom line and skin supporting oils

I feel like I might have overwhelmed you with information or exhausted you with the way my rollercoaster brain works. I hope you will join me for my next blog entry where I will discuss the next steps of my Young Living journey, including sharing the products with my mom and receiving my very first commission check!

I look forward to hearing from y’all! Until next week…

~ Lacey

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