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December 21st, 2021

Last week was crazy! I had interviews lined up, but due to schedule conflicts those interviews have been delayed. This week I will be sharing my story on how I have transformed my business and am now experiencing growth of over 200% in 3 years! That is life changing growth in business. How different would your life look if your business grew by 50 or 200 percent?

I just celebrated my 3-year work anniversary at my “new” location inside Love Chiropractic this past Wednesday. This move was such a leap of faith! It was incredibly scary, but obviously worth it! Take a trip with me back in time and let me explain my decisions. I was working at a fitness center doing massage and front office work. I was staying busy but felt like my growth was being limited and discouraged. I knew where I wanted to go as far as my massage business was concerned. It has been my goal, since I was in massage school, to be a full-time massage therapist, doing 20-25 hours of massage every week. I was not achieving this 3 years ago and I felt it was time for a change.

I felt I had outgrown the fitness center and needed to be in an environment where I could actively help clients in their wellness journey. Do not get me wrong, the fitness center was there to help individuals achieve their wellness goals, but I was craving the active interaction. For me this included assessing where the individual was, setting a goal of where they wanted to be, creating the plan to get them there, and helping them along the way. This required more than just showing up or providing a space, because I wanted to be an active participant in their journey.

At a regular networking meeting, our chiropractor in the group (Dr Adam), asked if I knew of any massage therapists looking for space to rent because his practice wanted to bring in a massage therapist to help their patients. I told him we needed to talk after the meeting. I had just decided a couple hours before that I did need to begin looking for office space to move my massage business. It was more than just a geographical change that was needed. I wanted to create strategic business partnerships that would be beneficial for all parties involved. Growth mindset, care in the best interest of the client/patient, and positive work environment were the non-negotiables at the top of my list.

After meeting with Adam and Robyn at Love Chiropractic, I felt like I had found home for Rock Star Massage and my clients. The prospect of working alongside chiropractors with the same mindset when it comes to treating clients for me/patients for them was a huge goal realized! I began to increase my social media presence with regular posts and live videos. I joined a couple different networking groups and promoted my referral bonus. I kept up with my goal setting for the business and the incentives for my clients when I meet and/or exceed those goals.

The opportunity to collaborate on a plan of care, with Dr Adam and/or Dr Robyn, with the individual’s best interest in mind is truly priceless and has exceeded the goal I had in mind when I began this journey. It is also very convenient to be a one-stop for chiropractic and massage sessions and leads to organic referrals that ultimately prove beneficial to our clients/patients. As mentioned in earlier blogs, chiropractic care and massage therapy work very well together, as your soft tissue and structural alignment are addressed when used together.

If you have questions about building a plan or need encouragement to take the next step, reach out to schedule a brain-storming session. I would welcome the opportunity to be a sounding board or coach as you strive towards your next big goal! Whether this is your first time reading my blog, or you are a loyal subscriber, Thank you! I am so glad you tuned in this week! Do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from this blog? Tell them to subscribe!

Have a blessed week ~ Lacey

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