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Pain – your treatment options.

August 17th, 2021

The heat has been ridiculous, but thankfully we had a little reprieve from it this past weekend! It seems crazy to me that schools have already begun. Where did the summer go? When my week is slower, as far as massages go, my mind seems to go a hundred miles a minute in a creative direction. I have been busy brainstorming several ways to better serve y’all, my community. I am loving the feedback, so keep it coming! Let me know what you want to learn about or maybe a problem that you are struggling with when it comes to self-care or overall wellness.

Last week we learned how to hear our bodies and this week we will transition to listening to our bodies. Stick with me! Listening to our bodies requires action. We heard last week what our bodies were telling us as far as pain. For example, I had a headache. Listening to my body came when I put on my glasses when I was using the computer, drinking water throughout the day to make sure I was hydrated and using some trigger points to relieve the tight muscles that could have been the source of my pain. This is the protocol that works for me and is the result of many years of listening to my body and trying different techniques to see which one(s) work for me. Sometimes my headaches can be alleviated with caffeine or a trip to my chiropractor, it all depends on the situation. This further illustrates the process of listening to your body.

The treatment options for pain are as numerous as the types of pain. Personally, I begin with the least aggressive treatment options that target the source of pain, versus treatment options that just mask the symptoms. I make sure I’m hydrated. Have I stretched? When was my last massage appointment? When did I last see my chiropractor? Would ice or heat be an appropriate treatment option? Would exercising or going for a walk help? What does your gut tell you? The questions that you ask yourself need to be in line with the amount/type of pain you are experiencing. If you broke your leg, go to the ER because drinking water is not going to help alleviate the pain or start the healing process, as your condition requires medical intervention.

For some this may be a new viewpoint and for others this may be your normal thought process, it all depends on where you are in your wellness journey. Please be patient with yourself as you are learning these new skills, remember this is a process and not a destination. Let me know if any of this is resonating with you. Next week will take a deeper dive into treatment options and coping methods for pain.

Whether this is the first time reading my blog, or you are a loyal subscriber, Thank you! I am so glad you tuned in this week! Do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from this blog? Tell them to subscribe!

Have a blessed week ~ Lacey

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